Serving more dynasties, the Font family has been dealing with wine-growing and viticulture for many years. Nowadays these activities are still carried on very successfully and on a high level. Every family member does his share in work. Our winery is located in town Soltvadkert which is situated in the biggest Hungarian wine region called Kiskunság. On a family plantation of 38 hectares, we grow solely excellent Hungarian grape varieties or rather the ones which have got acclimatized in our region for more hundred years. These varieties are Ezerjó, Kövidinka, Irsai Olivér, Cserszegi fűszeres, and Kékfrankos of which both red wine and rosé is produced. Our wines are made in all cases from sorted, ripe grapes of high quality, perfect both in taste and components.



Vineyard and winery

We plant wine on our own-possessed vine territories. Our plantations are cultivated with environmental friendly methods. To reach the highest quality, we control the crop yield. The main part of our grape plantations can be found in the outskirts of Soltvadkert, but there are also some ancient family heritage fields in the neighbouring village called Bócsa. Strong emphasis should be placed on the area Szarvaskútdűlő („Deer well path”) where the stock of our high-quality Ezerjó Selection comes from. Some of the variety Irsai Olivér, the Kövidinka and the Kékfrankos are also grown there.

Our white and rosé wines are prepared with fast processing. The harvested, healthy and uninjured grapes are pressed in a gentle way, then the produced precipitated must is fermented  under chilled and controlled circumstances. Due to this so-called reductive technology really beautiful, fruity, fresh wines are filled into bottles which are supplied with crew caps on recent demand.  

Our assortment was increased by Ezerjó Selection some years ago. This brilliant wine can be produced in only excellent vintage years. Only when there is a long sunny autumn, can gild the September sunshine the bunches and the Ezerjó vine-stocks present us with sun-dried grapes. After a gentle pressing, the sweet must is not only fermented but also stored in little oak barrels for some months. Then this selection wine is filled into bottles which hope to come to your dining table.

Our Kékfrankos red wine is fermented in wooden barrels in traditional way, then it is ripened until bottling to become soft silky and fruity. In some vintage years it is also produced in barrique barrels which results in an everlasting wine-experience.

Our aim is: to raise the more-hundred-year-old reputation of wines originating from Kiskunság wine region.



If you are interested in taking part in a homely, friendly wine tasting with participants few in number, visit the Font Winery. We welcome also pairs or groups of friends and assure a happy friendly atmosphere suiting all of your needs and answering all your questions professionally.

If you are not fond of large-scale impersonal wine tasting events with clamorous partners, choose our unique humorous performance enriched with proficiency and some singing. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Your stay in our winery can be even more memorable: the Vincze horse farm is situated 12 kilometres far from our firm. We offer in co-operation riding facilities, horse shows, farm house visiting, trips on horse-drawn carriages on demand. After visiting our wine cellars, we are glad to organize a program on the Vincze horse farm where you can get familiar to our products and enterprise in unconventional surroundings that is in the middle of the Hungarian puszta.




 H-6230 Soltvadkert Bócsai út 9.  

Tel/Fax: +36 78 482 733