Kiskunhalas and its region

Looking around in the town.Departing from town center in Kiskunhalas A little walk reaching the Calvinist Church with the Stone Of Shame, Townhall,Shopping Street, Synagogue, Lace House. Looking around in the Lace House,then a further walk to the Statue of the Yearning Kuruc passing Áron SziládySecondary Grammar School through Bethlen Square and to Hotel CsipkeLunch in Hotel Csipke or Sóstó inn.
After lunch walk tour in the forestarea of Salt Lake, Belvedere, unique and protected plants, area of Kiskunság,visiting a Ranch, Horse - carriage tour by request. A guide can be provided,whether tour guide or herb professionalist.

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery


Thermal water for our well being!

Visiting the SPA in Kiskunhalas, in Kiskunmajsa or in Kiskőrös.

In the above mentioned SPAs several services are available in order to recover, recreation as well. More information on their webside or at the reception desk of the hotel.

After bath evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery


Full steam ahead to the forests and the fields!

After breakfast our guests will be invited to take part in a Horse carriage tour. Through the ride on the plain and in the forest the group will arrive to Pirtó.

Grill party on Pirtó, based on the carried food source pack by the guests, such as bacon, potato, ...even roast banana!

After lunch walking expedition in the hills, Ranch Contest, visiting Krebsné Tuska Zsuzsa's pottery workshop  - pálinka tasting. Travelling back to Soltvadkert

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery


Wine, Ice-cream, Armoured Cars

After breakfast travelling to Kecel by bus or by car

In Kecel we drop in a memorial place, which is one of the biggest outdoor Field Engineering Park to take a look at the MIG aeroplanes, armoured vehicles, weapons of communism, models, hunting trophies of the Hungarian party leader Kádár János Lunch in Kiskőrös in a restaurant

In the afternoon visitation of Petőfi Sándor's native house, who is one of the greatest Hungarian poet

Following up visitation in the Slovakian Group's House or in the Public Road Constructing Museum with old road rollers, road constructing tools, models, all in one a spectacular exposition

Ice cream in the famous Korona Candy Shop in Soltvadkert, then wine tasting in a well reputed wine cellar.

Alternative program: swimming in Lake Vadkert

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery


After breakfast and depart travelling to a Horse Ranch. Visitors are allowed to feed and clean horses, taking part in cleaning the stable and other activities.

Horse riding, coach travelling, Nature Park “Kiskunság”.

Lunch must be solved by everything, which can be found aruond and at the ranch.

In the afternoon Ranch Contest stars after resting. Given tasks: to catch a hen, wheel borrow pushing, wood cutting, corn shreeding, picking millet.

Preparation for the dinner.

Folk art programs and above picking up some folk dance skills. 

Dinner will be containe everything, which was made by the group. Of course a professional cook will be presented as well to cook potato paprikás.

Kecskemét and Puszta Program

After breakfast travelling to Kecskemét by bus or by car.

Arriving to Kecskemét our guests will be greeted by the honoured Lord Major of the town, reception and souvenirs.

Music Instrument Museum “Leskowsky” with a little musical stand up.Lunch in the town or at the plain. 

In the afternoon: horse show at the plain, horse carriage riding facility, wine tasting, visiting a ranch museum.

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery

Bócsa or Solt-Révbérpuszta and “Hungarian Garden” called “Magyarkert”

After breakfast all day hiking tour in Bócsa or Solt-Révbérpuszta, with a horse show, horse carriage ride, visitation in the shepherd museum and experiencing the so called ancient junniper berry bush landscape.

Lunch in an Inn, besides the meal folk or gipsy music

In Magyarkert (Hungarian Garden), which is next to Jakabszállás, our guests can experience the whole landscape of Hungary. Besides several other workshops will provide.

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery 


Wine tour with harvest

After breakfast traveling by car or bus to Hajós.

In case of good weather harvest near to the wine cellars. Snack, accordion music and squeeze with wine tasting.

In case of bad weather guidance in the village museum and the palace of the archbishop with a guide. Visit to the wine cellars, accordion music and dinner.

Harvest can happen in Soltvadkert, too.

In the afternoon traveling back to Soltvadkert, visit to a modern Font Winery with wine and pálinka tasting.

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery

 Revolution and waterpark

After breakfast traveling by car or bus to Kiskunmajsa. Visit to the ’56 museum: Budapest at the time of the revolution, Soviet T34 tank, the street fighting weapons and monuments. Souvenirs in the shop.

Lunch  in the city, followed by bath in the spa.
Aquapark, slides, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sport courts, sauna and massage on request.

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery

 Baja, the multi-ethnic city

After breakfast traveling to Baja by car or bus.

Visit to the German National Training Center, Türr István Museum, Serbian church. Walk in the city.
Lunch: fish soup or game dishes in an inn.

Afternoon: swimming in Sugovica or travel by light trail way in forest Gemenc.
Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery

 How are you, Archbishop?

After breakfast traveling by car or bus to Kalocsa.
Here visit to the archbishop’s library, cathedral, paprika museum and ethnographic museum or pottery workshop.

Lunch in Kalocsa or Hajós.
Visit to a village museum in Hajós with a guide.
Accordion music and tasting of pork dishes.  Folk dance and live music on request. 

Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery

The day of pálinka

After breakfast traveling by car or bus to 

Kecskemét: short sightseeing, visit to firm Zwack (modern technologies, traditional family recipe for Unicum) with lunch, tasting and shopping.
Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery 

Subotica Palic

Although this is a cross-border tour, Szabadka 

always has an influence on the area of Soltvadkert. 
The trip is only half an hour either by car or train. 
It can be longer because of the border crossing but it is worth to spend a day in this multiethnic city.

The Art Nouveau Town Hall was built in the days of the monarchy and is definitely worth checking out its stained glass windows. The city center, the walkways and bars have a Mediterranean atmosphere.

The same is true for the lake of Palics, which has a beautiful environment for long walks. And the zoo is not just for children.
Lunch in a local restaurant.
Evening program: wine tasting in the Font Winery



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