Wine tasting in the Font Winery

If you are more interested in taking part in a homely, friendly wine tasting with participants few in number, visit the Font Winery. We welcome pairs or groups of friends too and assure a happy friendly atmosphere suiting all of your needs and answering all your questions professionally.
If you are not fond of large-scale impersonal wine tasting events with partners of all sorts, choose our really unique humorous performance enriched with proficiency and some singing. We promise you won't be disappointed.



Wine tasting on the horse farm

We offer a new possibility which can make your stay in our winery even more memorable: we organise common programmes with the Vincze horse farm situated 12 kilometres far from our firm. We offer in co-operation horse shows, farm house visiting, trips on horse-drawn carriages or riding facilities on demand. After visiting our wine cellars, you can have great time on the Vincze horse farm where you can get familiar to our products and enterprise in unconventional surroundings that is in the middle of the Hungarian puszta.


Wine tasting with folk songs:

Today’s people need to find their way back to their roots. Why are our traditions important? How did our ancestors and grandparents live? How can we apply their knowledge nowadays? What kind of sanctuaries are there in our surroundings and what is their significance? Why is the Great Hungarian Plain and Soltvadkert so special? You can have also these questions answered while visiting our winery and tasting our wines. Meanwhile your host, the landlady of the house sings some beautiful Hungarian folk songs.



What do we mean by wine tasting?

Do not be afraid of wine. You needn’t even learn a new terminology. Have a glass of wine and let your sense organs guide you. Wine is the only kind of drink which activates your sense organs and challenges your intelligence at the same time. In every glass of wine you have a blend of history, geography, agronomy, botany, but many times anthropology, religion and psychology, too.


Let’s start boldly and firmly.

 Wine tasting is a game. Challenge. Game. Relaxation. Game. Put the glass on the table, and move the wine in it ringwise, then take a deep sniff. What does the fragrance of wine remind you? A kind of fruit? What kind of fruit? Pineapple? Apple? Raisin? Or even a sort of flower? What sort of flower? Rose? Jasmine? Acacia? Or does it smell of hot asphalt??? Remember what the wine is made of, what are the first and the last steps, where is it from. Have another gulp and enjoy it.


 Ten commandments of wine drinkers

 Would you like to become a civilized and professional wine drinker? Then follow the instructions mentioned below.  We are sure that the real wine lover ladies and gentlemen never break these rules …

 1. Never drink wine on an empty stomach.
2. Don’t eat sweet food before wine tasting.
3. Pay attention to the temperature of the different sorts of wine.
4. Drink wine always slowly and with due measure.
5. Enjoy the bouquet of the wine drinking small gulps!
6. Drink noble wine always neatly.
7. Be moderate when drinking wine.
8. Wine tastes better when you eat something while drinking it.
9. Be fond of wine but be the stronger one.
10. When drinking wine, always remember how much hard-earned work there is in a glass of noble wine.



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