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The Font Winery can be found in Soltvadkert, in the heart of ‘Kiskunsági’ wine region. The history of our family enterprise started many generations ago and we had to take a long journey to achieve a level of standard which all of us are proud of. Nowadays we cultivate a plantation area of some 40 hectares.

The aim of our family is not only to sell our products but also to improve viniculture and endear our beloved region. This is not work but passion for us. Besides white wines, we are specialized in first of all, we also produce high quality rosé and red wines.

We take part in many competitions with our wines. It is our honour that the Font Ezerjó Selection was selected to the 10 best white wines of Hungary in 2014. Our Kékfrankos (Blue Frankish) rosé wine won silver medal in the VinAgora International Wine Competition in 2015.

In our winery we combine the traditions we inherited from older generations and the modern technologies in order that wines produced on the Great Hungarian Plain could get to an exclusive place on the festive table of wine lovers.


The Font Family




 H-6230 Soltvadkert Bócsai út 9.  

Tel/Fax: +36 78 482 733